Marriott gift card - problems

Discussion created by lonnalinda on Jan 27, 2020
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In late May 2019 I received a $50 Marriott Gift Card by email from Marriott; was a Bonvoy Elite loyalty thank-you email.  In the email from Marriott was the card number and PIN with no notes included as to the rules and conditions.  


I had somewhat forgotten about it and then while getting ready to go to Phoenix this weekend, remembered I had it.  Printed the paper work off and kept the original email.  I checked into the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown (beautiful hotel which is close walking distance to so much!).  So at check in I inquired as to how we could use it - we wanted to have cocktails at the bar and perhaps some snacks.  Clerk was very unfamiliar with it and said she'd check with her manager.  Came back and said that they would have to activate it BUT it would only be good at my next Marriott stay.  Not at the Renaissance Phoenix hotel.  Didn't sound right since it is a gift card but our plane was several hours late in arriving and I didn't want to spend more time figuring it out.  I just later paid for cocktails on my credit card.


Upon check out clerk asked if I wanted printed copy of bill OR email.  I asked email but I inquired as to how much was the bill in general.  She mentioned a parking charge - nope didn't have a car.  Some exchange back and forth and then she said she'd take it off my bill.  


Came home and checked my Chase Marriott Visa on line and two things (1) the parking charge was not removed and (2) somehow she charged my credit card $50.  Still trying to figure out how the heck she charged my credit card $50!!


I have put in a call into hotel billing department and supposedly I'll hear back in 24-48 hours.  In the meantime I called Marriott corporate who said they had no idea why parking was not credited OR how they charged my credit card - as if I was BUYING a gift card.  They said I needed to talk to hotel.  


So has anyone else had a problem with using a Marriott gift card?  According to corporate customer service - 'bogus' that they told me I had to use it my next stay and that they couldn't let me use it for drinks at their hotel.  I'll report back when I get some answers but certainly this seemed to be quite the hassle using it at this particular hotel, not to mention seeing a charge for $50.  


Lesson learned on two things.  (1) I should have waited for her to credit my parking and provided me a receipt and (2) I should have pushed harder on the gift card - that it doesn't make sense I could not use it there but had to use it at my next stay.  


Thanks for any feedback on your experience on using gift cards.  I never buy them but this was kindly sent to me so first time user.