Marcus, shuttle driver for Houston Marriott North

Discussion created by kramyts on Jan 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2020 by iahflyr

I stumbled through IAH after waking up at the tail end of my flight, missing obvious wayfinding signs multiple times.  I finally found myself in the hotel shuttle area, but only saw the Houston Marriott North shuttle.  I poked my head in to confirm that it wasn't going to Marriott Houston Airport.  The driver, Marcus said no, and then as I turned to go away, he called me back, offered me a bottle of water, and told me he'd be willing to drop me off.  He said that walking there wasn't really easy, and that I could call for the shuttle to pick me up if I wanted to but that he would be happy to drop me off on his way to the Houston North location.  This was really very nice of him, he could have just sent me on my way with some directions, but instead went out of his way to help a still somewhat dazed customer for a different property arrive easily and quickly.  This was very nice, above and beyond, and I really appreciated it.  (I just wish I had any cash at all on me at the time...)