Associates that handle difficult circumstances very well...

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today 1/22/20  Approximately 7 pm, I had called to ask about an issue where i must have clicked on the wrong reservation button on the web site, resulting in me getting 4 nights of a room at the prepaid rate, and not the additional 2000 point per night rate I usually do. I spoke with Mathew first who really had it under control and made sure i knew that he was doing everything he could but as the reservation was made this way unfortunately there was nothing he was able to do to help me. (he did this in such a way that allowed me to understand that he has done everything he could and would do more if he could).

I then asked to speak to a supervisor and he connected me with Ernesto...

Ernesto came on the line and introduced himself and let me know that Mathew filled him in and how could he help me. (great way to start out..) When I explained to him that I was not concerned with the prepayment but was concerned of the bonus points and asked if there was any way that I could pay the difference  at this time (and not asking for canceling the prepayment) he clearly saw the way to make this a win win and to make the client happy. He took care of my concerns about the awards points and Marriott got their prepayment, I got my points and he went as far as making researching the "Special rate code" and gave it to me so that this would not happen again.

As an Executive in the Customer Service Business for over 40 years I can Appreciate talent and know that we only ever hear of our people when they make mistakes.

I have no problem letting management know when their staff really steps over the line, but I also try to let them know when their staff is put in a difficult situation and makes lemonade out of lemons.

This usually means that management is good as they did 2 good things.

1. recognized good talent and hired them

2. Made an environment where this good talent was able to thrive and advance the good will of the organization they work for.


Thank you for your time.

This is Jim McElroy

1/22/200 stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott, Cranbury NJ

room 123