Welcoming and supporting our armed forces

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Hi all,

I will never be a Mainer (I moved here in 1994 to teach, but it takes several generations to be counted as a true Mainer).  But I am so proud of my adopted state because of how we treat returning soldiers, sailors, marines and air force personnel. Unlike when I was coming of age in the late 60s when there was a draft, it is often very easy for us to forget what these men and women are doing for us.  While we can agree or disagree about war strategies, we MUST welcome those who have served our country -- and that makes me proud to be at least a newly-arrived Mainer.  If you happen to be a regular passenger in Bangor, regular bar services and other non-essential things will be shut down briefly every time a C130 or equivalent lands.


The Bangor Airport not only serves to welcome international flights as first port of call when passengers have become drunk or unruly on  flights (of course none of you are among them!), but because of its reputation as Troop Welcomers.


Today, the Welcomers greeted many of,160485


Please let us remember those who have chosen to serve the country.  Welcome home! If any of you out of New England have experienced the Bangor Welcomers, please write in.  We are so proud of you and of them!