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Advice for upcoming stay at W Maldives

Question asked by rowdy1438 on Jan 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2020 by verysuiteboy

Hi Fellow Insiders,

I have an upcoming stay at the W Maldives that I booked on points before it became ridiculous to redeem. At the time of booking the points redemption was for a beach villa. However, I understand now that the beach villas are the “in demand” room type and are considered the premium rooms (double the points redemption of an overwater villa). I would actually like to experience both room types on my 6-day stay. I am still booked in the beach villa 3 weeks 2.5 weeks out per the app. 
1. Am I wrong to think I might get “upgraded” to an Overwater villa from the previously deemed base room?

2. If I do get “upgraded” under the new policy, is it ok to ask to stay in a beach villa or split the stay between 2 room types? I do not want to look ungrateful or presumptuous for an “upgrade” but I would like to experience both room types.

3. Do I wait to see if I get an “upgrade” to an overwater villa to ask these questions? Or do I ask now risking looking like a difficult guest? I dont really want to be pigeonholed into one room type and the private beach and 2 story room sounds amazing. So does walking out of your room and jumping into the ocean. Most of the reviews for elite guests say they get to spend time in both.
I am not the type to ask for upgrades-they happen when they happen and with the new policy, I am not sure I want the “upgrade” especially if my currently booked room is now the best type (other than the ridiculous 2 bedroom overwater suite). Thanks for any advice on my first world dilemma.