Platinum Challenge

Discussion created by kiea1920 on Jan 21, 2020

After speaking with a representative back in September I was under the assumption that I was in the Platinum Elite challenge which consisted of spending 16 nights. So come to find out I called back in October to take care of missing points, checked on the elite statues challenge and was told i was fine. So again I call Marriott on January 10th to find out my challenge wasn't started until October. After speaking to a representative for about 25 minutes I was informed a case would be open for me regarding why it didn't start in September. So I ended up calling Marriott again just to check on my status and to my surprise (not really) the case was NEVER put in. At this moment I am very stressed and overwhelmed by Marriott lack of customer service. After speaking to a supervisor Marsha(which couldn't even give me her id number so there wouldn't be any miscommunication about who I spoke to) Basically let me know show would put in another "case" at this point Im so annoyed by Marriott that I'm considering IHG and proposing all of our staff to do a switch over. I even considered going on travel for the 30th and 31st since the challenge ends the 31st and I CANT even do that! Only way to achieve my statues would be to stay on the 29th and 30th which I cannot do. I feel like its really unfair to treat loyal customers this way especially with the facts that customer service doesn't really have an account of when I called and the conversations that took place. Has anyone else experienced this??