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The worst Marriott call ever...can anyone give me suggestions

Question asked by cfp1956 on Jan 20, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by cfp1956

I am a Titanium Elite member who has been recognized by some hotels as Ambassador Level.  I rarely if ever call and ask Marriott for help, and when I do it is always very prompt and professional.  I have never written anything like this before tonight.  I recently booked a trip using all of our points, booking 2 stays on the big island of Hawaii.  I called tonight to the Elite number listed and asked if they could call  our hotels and to please ask if they could do everything possible to upgrade our room.  Like everyone else we work hard for our points and are loyal.  This rep said we don't do that, that my wife and I would have to go to the hotel and see if they have anything available.  I explained that my wife had one of her best friends pass away recently and we would appreciate anything he could do.  After he told me multiple times there was nothing he could do, that we dont do that anymore, I asked when did Marriott stop honoring this simple type of request and he stumbled and said when we merged with SPG.  I got very frustrated and hung up.  You see last year it was our 35th wedding anniversary and a special birthday for my wife and when I called in to the Elite number and asked if they could ask the hotels for an upgrade, the lady called both of our hotels and arranged for an upgrade to either oceanfront or a suite, had daily breakfast, fresh flowers and champagne at both locations.  Both hotels recognized us and made us feel wonderful. While I didnt ask for all of special attention and goodies, we were so very appreciative and have since tried to find the call center person to thank her.  What I want to know is, is there anyone else I can call beside the service center?? This doesnt seem to me to be a big ask, I just want someone who cares enough to make the effort.  It seems ridiculous for Marriott to lose a Titanium Elite over a lack of effort.  Thanks in advance for any help.