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How to Prevent Terrible Marriott Experience based on Reviews?

Question asked by etfromhome on Jan 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2020 by pey

I have an upcoming reservation at the Residence Inn London Kensington due to the budget and location reasons. However, based on the reviews of this hotel - guests have rate:

Such ratings are SCARINGLY TERRIBLE for a Marriott property; particularly on the lack of Free WiFi and the dirtiness of interior rooms (I am fearful of potential undesirable bugs as I have experienced previously at another Residence Inn in Herndon, USA) due to overworked staff.


While I understand London hotels industry is notoriously bad unless you're spending a fortune on it. But as a potential guest, I really would like to know whether or not that property management and corporate Marriott has actually taking any actions on addressing such issues to make their customers feel comfortable ahead of time. This property is brilliantly located, it is really sad to all of those negative reviews prior staying at the hotel. Is there any way that Marriott can assist guests or potential guests can do to prevent negative experiences from occurring?