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Modifying a prepaid reservation with a SNA request

Question asked by gobisbay on Jan 14, 2020
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Last week, I booked a long weekend for my girlfriend and myself in Nashville for February.  Hotel rates in downtown Nashville are obscene and as it's for Valentine's Day weekend, there aren't a lot of hotels with king bed rooms left.  The member rate for the JW Marriott was about $340/night but they are offering a Winter Escape package for 25% off on certain winter weekend dates and the rate also includes 2 cocktails at the hotel bar.  The package was $264/night with the caveat that it is a prepaid rate. I booked it and made a SNA request for an executive suite, using 3 of my 5 SNAs for the year (obviously, it hasn't been accepted yet).


Now some of us know that Marriott hotels do not always charge the prepaid amount immediately.  Because I often re-check rates after booking, I was looking on the Bonvoy app on my phone last night and noticed the member rate for that weekend had gone down to about $306/night so I wanted to check the package rate.  Well it now stands at $241/night which is a significant savings.  I was reading the fine print and though I knew I couldn't cancel and re-book more than one day after I made the initial booking (it had been 4 days), there was some mention that modifying the reservation by changing dates or details might result in the total changing, though I assume they don't mean for the better.  I took a chance and hit Modify Reservation, then left the dates the same and the new total of $843 appeared (old total was $921) and I got another reservation email with an identical confirmation number.


However, after modifying the reservation, I got a popup in the app that said my SNAs were being returned to me.  I looked at the reservation and within the app it shows that Suite Night Requests aren't available for this stay.  OK, it's still a nice room at a nice hotel and I still have most of the year to use up those 5 SNAs.  But now if I look at the reservation on the Marriott website on my computer, it shows I still have a SNA request, but modifying it shows nothing selected.  If I try to select options and udpate, I get an error.  If I try to cancel the SNA request, it looks to be successful but it doesn't actually remove the blank request.  I wonder if I need to contact support to get my SNAs returned to me or if they'll just be returned after the request is unfulfilled in February.  I also don't completely know yet if I've saved the $78 it looks like I've saved until they actually hit my credit card for the funds.  The activity page shows I only have 2 SNAs available as the other three are tied up in this request.


Has anyone else successfully modified a prepaid (but not yet actually paid) reservation through the website or app?  I'm also guessing I should have cancelled the SNA request before I made the change but it just didn't cross my mind until I got the message that they were being returned.