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Bonvoy merge/account issues

Question asked by donaustinboston on Jan 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by communitymanagers

I am hoping that someone can provide some advice on how to solve a problem with my Bonvoy account.


Maybe I should say accounts. 


I would like to talk to someone who can address this issue once and for all rather than have to start spending hours again trying to fix a problem that had already been fixed. This isn't going to be fixed by a call center agent. Short of calling the Executive Offices and saying "can someone get this to the right person," I am at a loss of where to go or what to do. 


And when I mean "this" I probably mean not only the online systems and account information but this lifetime Marriott premium status member who is ready to delete the word Marriott from his lexicon.


With the creation of the Bonvoy program, two accounts were created: one from Marriott Rewards and one from SPG. I began receiving communications under the SPG number. With some further investigation, I learned that there were two accounts. I asked to retain the Bonvoy account with the Marriott number as it is burned into my memory even 16 years after stopping my weekly business travel. 


The Marriott number also has lifetime Gold status. SPG account does not.


After multiple calls and e-mail messages over more than 2 months, I was able to finally get things set up sometime in May or June 2019. One of the big problems was being able to update the Marriott number because it had a work e-mail address from a company that I hadn't work for in 15 years, a phone number for a house that I haven't owned in 14 years, and a house number  that I could not recall after moving six times since then. All of this information had to be verified for "authentication" and "security" purposes. 


All e-mails were going to an account that did not exist and when there were e-mails sent regarding the issue, you guessed it, they often went to the e-mail address that no longer existed at the company I haven't worked for in 15 years.


Better yet, I was instructed during many attempts to do make changes to the profile to complete a two-step verification where they would send a code to my phone that I would enter and they would know it was me.


But, you guessed it, that phone was the number from 14 years ago and even if it existed was a landline without text or SMS capability. There was (and still isn't) a way to verify via message sent via e-mail. Instructions are to call from the number in the profile that does not exist.


'Everything was going along fine until I tried to access the "Marriott" account last week. I could not get in but have had many password changes so I requested to change my password. An e-mail was to be sent. No e-mail was ever received.


I sent a message to Bonvoy and immediately received a message that I had to call them for "authentication" purposes. Flashbacks to two months of frustration started up. 


I asked what "authentication" meant and did not receive a reply but noticed that a password reset had been sent to the correct e-mail account. Great! 


I looked at the profile and all the information was set back to the wrong information from 14-15 years ago. 


I then looked at my e-mail account and saw that all promotional messages from Bonvoy stopped in mid-September. 


I tried to update the profile and started getting a message to call them from the number in my profile which (you now know) was given up 14 years ago.


I have spent HOURS (iterally and I mean literally) over two months getting this fixed and will not go through it again.


Fact is that I like many of the property brands and I have consistently had good experiences at Marriott properties. 


I also have a long history in sales, marketing, business operations, customer support and satisfaction, and software development and engineering. I cannot imagine that this is something that the company would tolerate. I guess there is some kind of professional courtesy in wanting to let someone who can do something about this know about it.


Does anyone have any ideas of who to contact? Please do not say call the support number or send something to the Bonvoy support e-mail. I want this fixed once and for all. 


Thank you for any contacts or suggestions that you can provide.