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Should suite night awards be applied in order of expiry?

Question asked by pjt on Jan 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2020 by gobisbay

Through annual choice benefits I had a total of 10 SNA’s - 5 expiring end 2019 and 5 expiring end 2020.


i used 4 of these last year and expected to have 1 expire and be left with 5 remaining.


When 1st Jan 2020 rolled around I found myself with only 3 SNA’s remaining, which I queried with customer service.


I got back a reply explaining which SNA’s had been applied to which reservations, and stating that my entitlement is correct.


This shows that 2 of the SNA’s I used last year were 2020 expiry. Because they were applied out of expiry order, I am “out of pocket” by 2.


i didn’t determine which were used - the Marriott reservations system decided this - and this is surely not the correct behaviour?


i have queried this with CS again and am awaiting a reply.


Anyone had similar experience - or have any suggestions as to how to resolve please?