Prepaid Programs MUST not be offered to Frequent Travelers

Discussion created by beanster on Jan 11, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2020 by techie

I travel every day of the year. I put over 200  nights a year on hotels. My schedule changes once in a while. When a schedule change happens once in a while , I should get the flexibility to change with a one or two day advance notice. Some of the marriott properties put prepaid offering in the list of rates which allows no change even when I want to make the change 10 days in advance. How can Marriott offer such programs to frequent travelers ?? Who in their weirdest mind designed this program with no change. That may be an offering for a once in a while personal affair traveler, but I would not even consider for any business traveler. Please do not allow weird programs like these by your franchises. They should not even appear on choices of ambassador elite travelers.