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Did Marriott Send annual email on choices Annual Choice Benefit yet?

Question asked by tomba11 on Jan 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2020 by aleez38

I am Titanium Elite and i wanted to ask ( i dont remember) when Marriott sends the beginning of the year choice for the annual choice for elite nights or the other 5 things (suite nights etc). Is there a place on the Bonvoy website to opt for the choice before the e-mail is sent? I dont recall seeing it if it was sent this year, but i thought Jan 15 was some sort of deadline or am i mixing that up with the choice at 50 or 75 elite night stage from the previous year?


I have 15 Elite nights since Jan 1 due to using the boundless card (i think) I wanted to opt in for the 5 elite nights as I find as most others on here that the suite nights are pretty much worthless in most cases. 


Thanks for any feedback or link to where on the site I can opt for the elite nights for 2020.