Global Entry- Plan Ahead

Discussion created by mustanggt on Jan 9, 2020
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There have been several recent discussions about Global Entry lead times, but I thought it would be worth repeating again.


I am located in New England and I applied online for Global Entry on 8/21/19.  I received almost immediate conditional approval pending my personal interview.  Unfortunately in New England there is really only one location that does these interviews- Terminal E at Logan Airport.  There are two other locations but they are both on the Canadian border in northern Vermont and northern Maine, not exactly convenient to most individuals.  As such, the lead time to schedule an interview has been running 4-5 months.  I had my interview today and was told by an Immigrations Officer that 4-5 months is still the general rule in Boston.


If you are planning international travel this year and you want to have Global Entry and you live in the New England area plan well ahead of your scheduled travel.  Also one other thing you should be aware of, since Global Entry ties into your passport, if you should renew your passport while your Global Entry is still valid remember to go online and update your Global Entry account with your new passport number.  If you fail to do this, you will find that your Global Entry card will be invalid.


What are Insiders finding in other parts of the country for wait times to obtain Global Entry?


Good luck and happy travels in this New Decade!