Gaylord Rockies Review

Discussion created by nmd on Jan 9, 2020
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I am a Life Titanium Elite, so I have a lot of experience with Marriott/Bonvoy properties. I had hoped that I would be asked to give a review, but that did not happen and there is really no way to do a review through the website.  So, I am using this forum to give my 2 cents.


This resort is pretty new having only opened in mid 2019, so some of what I say may simply be growing pains.


Firstly, it's a beautiful property that is well maintained throughout all the public areas.  We were there just after Christmas and through New Year's Day.  There were plenty of guests, as you might guess.  One thing they have already decided is that they need more restaurants.  The selections were few given the size of the operation. The parking fee of $29/day was waived because of my status.


Check in was crowded but they did have an elite line which helped.  I had reserved 2 rooms, but only 1 was available then.  The second one was not ready until after 6pm - unheard of in my experience.  The first day in the room, neither room was cleaned.  Someone did come in during our absence and left new bottles of water, but no new towels, no making of the beds, no wiping of counter tops, no replacement of supplies (glasses, coffee packets, etc.).  The second day was a repeat even after complaining that morning about the lack of cleaning.  I managed to stop a couple of people and they said they were not assigned to the room although they were in nearby rooms.  Finally, someone agreed to do the rooms.


The third day brought normal cleaning albeit around 6pm.  Very unusual for Marriott properties.


Also, on the second day, our room key stopped working, so I replaced it.  After only one use, it stopped working as well.  After a discussion at the front desk, someone from engineering came to give it a look.  Apparently, the battery in the lock had died.  They replaced it and all was good after that.


They are adding 300 more rooms and I fear that they cannot keep up with the load since they have trouble already.