JW Marriott Quito-Very Cheapo

Discussion created by jeremiah_carew on Jan 8, 2020
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I stayed with my wife and two daughters for New Year’s Eve at JW Marriott in Quito, Ecuador.  I am a Platinum member and without a doubt, worst JW Marriott experience I have ever had.  Here’s why:


(a) when I made the reservation, the price was good for a normal room-- $139.  However, I was shocked when I made the reservation that it went up to $266.  Several hidden taxes (around 20%) that only show up when you are about to hit “Book Now” and, unbelievable for a Marriott property, an extra charge for the 3rdand 4thperson of $40/person.  One of the reasons I stay in Marriott when overseas is they generally follow the American practice of charging by room, not occupants.

(b) when I checked in, I asked about an upgrade.  The receptionist responded that I got access to the business lounge.  I clarified that I was inquiring if my room would be upgraded and she responded that I was getting the room I reserved on a higher floor. That was the upgrade—a higher floor—facing a used car lot instead of the mountains.

(c) once in the room the closet had one robe and one pair of slippers.  I called “At Your Service” and requested more and was informed that they had run out of slippers.  Really??? After paying over $100 for my extra people, no extra slippers?

(d) We turned on the TV. While cable channels were listed, none were available to us.  Just Ecuadorian broadcast TV was available.


The reason we stay in JW Marriotts is because they are 5 stars, as Platinum we get nice benefits, and the service is impeccable.  The JW Marriott in Quito has none of those things; they don’t deserve the JW Marriott name.  Really disappointed for a pretty expensive night.