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What Warrants Filing a Complaint

Question asked by jwnear on Jan 8, 2020
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I'm just curious about what you all here think warrants complaining to either Marriott or the hotel manager? I recently stayed at a hotel in Mexico City, and my hotel stay was less than great. My buddies and my wife are telling me I should complain, but I'm not sure what could be done or even if it's worth doing.


I booked the hotel and two buddies joined me on the trip. We arrived @ 3:00am and had issues verifying two separate reservations as we had to change flights last minute. For some reason the phone rep and the app said adding a night to my stay my current room wasn't available. Doing a separate stay, it was. 


After figuring out the correct reservation, we were given the wrong room, and had to change. Not ideal that early/late depending on how you look at it. While on the stay, the room keys wouldn't work like 60% of the time, when we asked for additional things from service like towels, they never arrived. Those were minor issues.


The biggest issue was by far the service we received while dining at the hotel. The service was beyond terrible, and many times it felt as if we were actively being ignored while other tables received service. 


This post has helped me get rid of some of the frustration. However, I'm still not sure it's worth bringing up to Marriott or the hotel specifically. If you all could give me some of your thoughts on what you'd do, I'd really appreciate it.