Where should I use my 7-night category 4 travel package certificate?

Discussion created by pluto77 on Jan 8, 2020
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Paris is booked... I reserved a couple of nights at the Marriott C-E (Champs-Elysees) on a cool 225EUR/night AAA rate (anyone who's stayed there knows this is an incredibly low rate for this property) which includes breakfast (no upcharge for hot items) and 5000 pts/stay (which we'll likely have to chase, making phone calls and providing screen shots - worth the hassle? you decide), but also...


I've got this 7-night Category 4 (previous Marriott Rewards) travel package certificate that expires in July... It's not upgradeable... I've already extended it once... And I can't think of anywhere else that we'd like to go (on a category 4 stay), where one would need 7 nights in one spot... 7 nights in Paris for a first timer is certainly reasonable, so it's probably best to just use it here... Oui ou non?  What do savvy Insiders think?


I'd love to hear some other ideas about how best to use a 7-night category 4 certificate.  Other than cities like Paris or London, I just can't think of too many cities (with category 4 properties) where one can spend an entire week.  I'm usually on the move after no more than 4 or 5  days... Have already spent considerable time in NYC, DC, LA, San Diego, Seattle, Paris, London, Prague, Vienna, Cannes, Barcelona, Munich, Sydney... hmmm...


Some ideas... Bearing in mind the category 4 limitation...

  • London (can always go back there)... I was thinking that if one plans properly, one could actually stay at LHR Renaissance and do the Heathrow Express back and forth cheaply if one books well in advance... No?
  • Paris too
  • What about Bristol, UK and use it as a jumping off point?
  • Chepstow, Wales?  Forest of Dean, there's hiking...
  • I loved Vienna, there's Bratislava close by and some other worthy villages...
  • Madrid?
  • Portugal?
  • 7 nights in Brussels?
  • 7 nights in one city in Asia? (long flight)
  • Oh!  Rome, maybe?  Or - Bene Barga?


The other question is, so long as I book it prior to the expiry date, can I book a date beyond the expiry date?  And then what if I do book a date beyond the expiry date, then after the expiry date, I need to change it?