1 night short of Ambassador

Discussion created by barthvader on Jan 8, 2020
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Hi All, hoping to get some perspective from the community...


I ended the year with 99 nights and more than enough spend over the requirement for Ambassador.  I called and emailed Marriott to see if they would be willing to grant me the status, but they were unwilling.  As a bit of context... I needed up until the 31st of Dec to get all 99, so there was not an option to book an additional night, In the past with SPG I was one or two nights away from achieving platinum or Ambassador and they were willing to grant me the next level, and this year I was 600 miles short on Alaska for 75K and they were willing to grant it.  


Given the amount I spent this year (well over the required amount) and the number of times that I booked two rooms at the same hotel where one was not counted toward elite night stays, I felt I might have a a case to make given my loyalty to the brand. 


I was initially a naysayer of the merger, but I have found it to be more than beneficial to my travel needs.  I am a fan of the brand and won't use this as an excuse to leave especially given all my history.  I was more curious how people felt. Should there be a clear line or is it reasonable to provide some leeway when considering spend, the actual number rooms/nights I booked or other factors?  


Thanks for your candid thoughts.