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Unable to use 7-night certificate?

Question asked by andor9 on Jan 8, 2020
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I followed the guide below to use my 7-night FNA to book a cat 3 Westin in Feb, but stuck on step 3 --- there is no option to use the certificate. The certificate was extended for a year and expires in July 2020. Did I miss something?


> How to Use Points / Certificates
> 1. Check "Use points / certificates" in the hotel search box and select "find."

> 2. Select hotel and room type.

> 3. Review the reservation details. The option to use your certificate should already be checked.

> 4. Book your free nights.


My FNA: Free Night Award Certificates (1)   Partial Package - 7 nights category 1-4  Expires: 07/24/2020