Why is Marriott satisfied with inferior customer service for such a long time?

Discussion created by predator22 on Jan 7, 2020

If you have talked with Marriott Reward rep on the phone, I'm sure you know by now that ALOT of them do not have better knowledge about the program or redemption than most of us here. 


I've been SPG member for over 10 years and started using Marriott brand for 8 years. As a lifetime Titanium member, I have yet to have a better customer experience than what I had with SPG as a gold member. 


1. Constant "I don't think that is possible" response from Marriott Rep.

2. "Hold on, let me ask my colleague" If I ask for more clarification.

3. "You're right, I'll make the reservation"

4. You find out after few hours that the wrong voucher was used. Or more points then promised was deducted.  And you have to call back.


Out of my previous 8 reservations made on the phone, only 1 had went through perfectly.  

My last reservation made 2 days ago have 70000 more points deducted and rep used vouchers that had longer exp date so I have to call back to make the switch.



I'm hearing so much better things from Hyatt. In terms of the rooms as well as customer service. I hope Marriott can improve fast because I'm fond of old SPG chains as well as Ritz. But they have to improve. ALOT