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Is this normal that combining a reservation voids out the Elite nights?

Question asked by lg8302ch on Jan 6, 2020

I tried to book a King at the Arabellapark Sheraton in Munich for 2 nights but only Double rooms would have been available for 2 nights. Then I realized that I could book each night separately in a King and did it like that. At the hotel the agent merged the two reservations and let me stay in the same room but with the merger the Elite nights get counted wrong. Now I have been trying to get the missing night credited is a mission impossible as I do no longer have access to the original reservations numbers (vanished from my account after the merger) and only 1 night got accounted for.  Any Marriott is refusing due to lack of itemized bill. Any suggestions. This is not the first time the Elite nights got counted wrong and like this Lifetime is never achievable if Marriott not willing to credit the true paid nights. Anybody else having trouble and how to resolve this issue?