Change reservation for change in points?

Discussion created by jeffreymac on Jan 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2020 by iahflyr

Seem marriott is hitting a new low - or perhaps it's been going on all the while and I've just never been affected.


But I've had a reservation for months, using points, at a hotel in Kansas City.


Today I got a reservation confirmation email for this reservation.  After taking a look, I noticed the redemption rate increased, so Marriott took it upon itself to cancel my existing and rebook - at the higher rate.


Of course I'm sure this is well within their rights - certainly buried in the terms and conditions.  But it seems to be a pretty crappy customer service move.  I mean, what keeps them from upping the redemption rate (significantly) days before any of us are to make our trips?  When it's too late to get another accommodation at a reasonable rate?