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Anyone got a UK number for Marriott? I kid you not!

Question asked by brightlybob on Jan 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by brightlybob

Yes folks - seriously, Marriott has disconnected it’s UK lines! 

I needed to call up due the the Renaissance Heathrow failing to post my stay from four weeks ago. As id lost my folio that’s what I have to do. So I called my usual stored number and the fun began - as it rang out with no reply at all. So then I went to and searched for numbers to call and found and tried all of these, without any success.


01582 434188 is answered by a machine giving 6 options, 3 of which cut you off, the other 3 of which go through to another machine that tells you to call the hotel directly!


020 7012 7316 is permanently engaged.


0808 189 1065 is an SPG line set up to comply with its U.K. data protection obligations following the enormous SPG data breach. So that should be answered otherwise Marriott is in breach of its data protection obligations. It was answered by a machine and I was advised I was first in the queue, where I remained for over 30mins holding before I gave in.


0207 012 7000 connects to a very bad line that rang out for ages without being answered, but was answered on my second calling and advised that Marriott didn’t have a UK customer service number for Bonvoy enquiries! Really said I, as this is the one on website!

The best he could do was take my number and have someone else call me back. I’m still waiting!


So, communitymanagers would you care to indicate why Marriott has decided to cut off its U.K. membership? Don’t we floss regularly enough? And of course, what actually is the U.K. Bonvoy customer service number? Lastly, any chance of updating so it’s information is correct?


And lastly, why has Marriott decided to make it so difficult to chase up missing stays?