HELP: double room booking by Points but credited 3times ? #SOLVED

Discussion created by deejeedave on Jan 6, 2020
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not a good start in Marriott Bonvoy experience, as first time confronted with these facts:

Being Titanium Elite member, and yearly tradition to book a big part of my points to a double room hotel in Eastern Holiday, i did the booking some days ago, what resulted in 2 times 240.000 points (got this also emailed with a reservation number), but now in my account statement i see 3 times -240.000 !?

Hard to retrieve details, in the Marriott Bonvoy menu, i see now a second reservation under the first reservation but never got any message on that.

Also i don't want to cancel anything or book again (not possible as i am under 200.000 points) to avoid more spaghetti of my situation.

Who from the insider/moderators can please help here ?

THX !!