Current Technical Issues with Bonvoy / Marriott Systems

Discussion created by spglifeforlife on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by promenader

In the spirit of growth mindset for the marriott bonvoy gods listening to us. I thought it would be good to share any consistent reoccurring  technical / system issues we’re seeing.  I have 2 right now.  One is my status.  It shows I only need 5 nights for Ambassador which is where I finished up last year so it’s 95 shy this year.  If you’re going to do that Bonvoy, please say a $5 spend instead of $20k as the nights I can do :-). Secondly it seems whenever I take advantage of a cheaper prepaid member rate, the stay shows in my bonvoy all fine until I leave.   But after that, its like I never stayed and it vanishes.   So then I have to chase it up for the night count, points and to see it in past stays in my app.  This happened to me in Nov and on my last 2019 stay last weekend.  So I thought it may be helpful to raise awareness of this if you have nights booked on the prepaid member rate.  Are other folks seeing the same and experiencing any other technical difficulties?