Triple TIPPLE - Who Wants to Attend?

Discussion created by bejacob on Jan 3, 2020
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Can you believe Triple TIPPLE will be happening in Seattle later this year?


For those Insiders who haven't been following things too closely and are thereby confused by the above question, take a quick look at the discussion What is Triple TIPPLE?


Rather than go into a detailed explanation, think of a TIPPLE as a large gathering of Marriott Bonvoy Insiders. We held the first one in Houston back in September 2016. The second one (Double TIPPLE) was in the DC area in April 2018. This third one (Triple TIPPLE) will be in Seattle the last weekend in September (25th - 27th) 2020.


While it might be too early for most of us to lock in our travel plans, it's useful for those of us planning this thing to know how many Insiders are contemplating attending. We don't need an unbreakable commitment. If you are seriously considering joining us, that's good enough (for now). Later in the year, we'll compile an attendance list, so we can get a more accurate count. Right now, a rough estimate of our numbers is sufficient. 25? 50? More? Knowing that will help us determine which hotel will be TIPPLE central. If all goes well, we should be able to post those details in a couple months (it's hard to know how many rooms to block out if we don't know how many Insiders will be there).


We know brightlybob will be there. So will iahflyr. Expect to see pluto77, painedplatinum, verysuiteboy, nationwide, pey, and seatexan. rowdy1438 and jsucool76 have indicated they want to participate again. Newcomers betterdays and itsaboutthechallange have also expressed interest (this list is not comprehensive, merely a sample of those already planning to TIPPLE).


So, are you planning to be part of the biggest Marriott Bonvoy Insider Gathering the west coast has ever seen? Okay, it's the only one on the west coast (so far), but that's not the point. These large TIPPLEs don't happen every year. By the time we get together it will have been 2½ years since the last one. Who knows when the next one will be?


If you are planning to join us, please leave a comment telling us so.