New Decade, New Lifetime Status!

Discussion created by carbide_cyanide on Jan 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2020 by verysuiteboy

Well folks, Marriott has done it. Some months ago I complained about having lifetime plat, then having it taken. At the turn of the new year, it seems I have gotten it back (this is the 10th year!) 


Fun notes: I also realized that with my 15 elite nights already credited, and an event I'm hosting in London in February, I'll hit at least 25 elite night credits before March with no stays. Add 4 nights for my stay plus any additional night credits I earn from event attendees and I'll be over halfway to "Platinum" (50 nights) so I can get my hands on some more suite night awards! I didn't quite hit the 50 in 2019 unfortunately, and I will miss my SNAs dearly. I got thousands of dollars in value out of them!