Four Points - Times Square: Concerns

Discussion created by tpate on Jan 2, 2020
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My family and I recently stayed for 5 nights at the Four Points Times Square the week before Christmas.  I had a number of issues I wanted to share to avoid others the same hassle.


1 - I had 1 room booked on points for Saturday as the rate was insanely high.  Then had 3 rooms booked (family was joining me) for the remaining 4 nights at a paid rate.


2- I called ahead to inform them of my Saturday stay details and asked if one of the 3 rooms booked could be the same room as Saturday.  This way we wouldn't have to move out and wait for the new room to be ready.  I was told they were noting the account and not to worry, that was a simple thing to do.


3 - Arrived and checked in and the fun began.  The young man at the desk could not comprehend what I had asked.  He was so confused.  I ended up just saying we would check out of the room and move our things the next day.  The next day they said they'd have a room ready for the move mid day and to come back after lunch.  We came back, room wasn't ready.  We ended up moving all of our stuff to storage and had to pick it back up later to check in our new rooms.  Overall, we lost several hours of our vacation time that day going back and forth trying to get settled.


4 - One day we came back after a long day out and our door was OPEN.  It appeared that when housekeeping came, they did not make sure the door shut behind them.  This is not OK!   I went and spoke to the front desk and was assured this was not a normal thing and they would do "something" to make up for this.  I asked about it again the next day and the guy said they were going gift us something and also put "points" on my account.  He said they were also going to check the door for issues (my husband found there was a loose screw that would keep the door from shutting)


Well - nothing ever happened!  No gift, no apology from management, no points!  In fact, I had to call Bonvoy to get credit for the stay.  It had not posted at all.


I called the property after discovering this (at the recommendation of a Bonvoy team member) and was blown off.  Management would not even speak with me.  The front desk took my name and said she would call - it's been 3 days and nothing.  


5 - I had 3 rooms, and we decided my brother in law would pay for their room directly with the hotel.  I had checked all the rooms in on my AMEX.  The guy said no problem and changed the room to his name and used his card for payment.


After we checked out, I noticed that the charges on my card were not correct.  I checked my room portfolios and looked at the charges to see what was "off".  Well, the "deposit" for all 3 rooms had been charged to my Marriott card (not the AMEX I swiped at check in) INCLUDING the 3rd room they had changed to my brother in law.  None of the numbers matched - when I checked in the "pending" amounts on my AMEX were different than what they actually charged on my Marriott card.  



Basically, beware of this property!  I had several issues and NONE of the concerns were resolved. 


I am typically a very easy person to deal with - things happen and we're all human.  But the lack of concern and customer service at this property is astounding!  Several of the front desk folks were very polite, but they don't have control over what management does or does not do.  So, I don't want to say they weren't polite, they were.  BUT, nothing was resolved and the way all of this was handled is disappointing to me.