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Rewards program gone awry

Question asked by denise9850 on Jan 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2020 by pluto77

In order to qualify for Platinum Rewards I checked into a Marriot hotel on Dec 24,2019 till Dec28,2019. I told the young lady at the counter that i needed 8 nights to qualify for Platinum. She suggested I get another room for 4 nights and that would give me 8 nights. I could have just extended my stay through the 31st but I

took her advise and booked the additional room (which no one occupied.) Upon checking out a few days later I was told I only would get credit for the 4 nights from the first room. I called the Rewards program and explained my plight and thast point I was told that they had reconsidered and awarded me my Platinum reward for 2019. Subsequent to that I got an email from the 'Guest Experience Assistance Team' who told me I wasn't eligible to qualify for Platinum Rewards for 2019.

I told the Customer Service rep that if that was how they reconciled their disputes with their best customers then I would go to Hyatt where I will get better customer service. Awaiting a response from Rewards Program.

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