Review:  The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland is ok

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Ring in 2020 with a bit of style, we said. That's how we found ourselves at The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland on New Year's Eve. A gentle snow fell throughout the day that was just finishing up as we pulled up to the valet station. Although we arrived at a busy time, you wouldn't have known it. The valet service operated smoothly and efficiently as transitioned from our vehicle to the hotel entrance.

Things moved so efficiently in fact, that I barely had time to snap just one quick photo with my cell. My apologies for the blurry take.

Once inside, we received a cheerful greeting with directions to the reception desk on the 6th floor.

Upon exiting the elevator, a couple of left turns will get you there. It's right next to onsite dining TURN Bar + Kitchen which bustled with activity as we checked in - once again, cheerful and efficient. Opposite from the elevators that get you to the reception desk are the elevators that will take you to your room.


This hotel is located in Tower City Center, which offers a variety of shopping and dining, with a cinema, and a casino thrown in for good measure. Additionally, The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland is conveniently located to Progressive Field, Public Square, and the famed nightlife of The Flats. After exiting I-71, you're just a few minutes and a couple of easy turns away. Well-placed indeed!


Anytime I find myself in a new place, I feel the urge to get out and see what's around. I would have done just that and provided further details, but this was New Year's Eve... everything closed early. Instead, we simply retired to our room. The hallways were clean and elegantly styled. Our room, tucked away in a quiet corner, seemed just right for spending a comfortable night.

In addition to being the soft, comfortable kind of beds you expect to find, wall mounted reading lights gave the beds a convenient touch.  For additional convenience, I would have preferred the USB ports, located across the room, to be closer to my bedside.




The bathroom came equipped with Asprey London amenities, lighted mirrors, plush bath mats, and marbled tile finishes – all the trappings that evoke a sense of classic luxury.












This view from our room was snapped as we anticipated the fireworks that would soon fill the sky.













We enjoyed watching the gull flocking around the barge as it threaded itself up the Cuyahoga River in the morning.













Given the frank nature of the message that accompanied the honor bar offerings, we decided to leave them alone.

Instead, we opted for room service.

The room service was impeccable!

Every interaction was handled with care and a professional touch such that our dining experience could not have been better. The food was delicious and presented nicely. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of our dessert cake which was both beautiful and tasty. Without a doubt dinner service hit on all marks!


...However, not everything did.

There were a few areas where I expected a better effort. For instance, I noticed that housekeeping missed in a few spots. A little bit of dust here and there is understandable, but the tile grout for the shower enclosure was soiled with what appeared to be mildew. I feel that the shower with its smooth, tiled surfaces should be an easy place to keep clean. Also, the breakfast menu provided with the room had already been filled out, presumably by a previous guest. Given the brand reputation for attending to the smallest details, I feel these are a couple of areas where they missed.


Overall, we had an enjoyable stay and absolutely wonderful dinner service to put a close on 2019. The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland helped to make it one to remember, but I think I could offer a few suggestions if they'd be interested in making any New Year's resolutions.