Journey and experience Bonvoy, Hilton, IHG - My take

Discussion created by pat2927 on Jan 1, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2020 by brightlybob

Since December 13th, I have been on vacation travelling all over the US & Canada experiencing IHG, Bonvoy and Hilton properties - Elite status in all 3 - Spire, Platinum and Diamond respectively. My observations and experience gave the overall thumbs up to Bonvoy! Sometimes on this forum, we really take a lot for granted and sometimes things go wrong, but overall Bonvoy really has some good perks for Elites. At all the Bonvoy properties between breakfast, lounge access, guaranteed 4pm check out without hesitation and a consistent Thank you for my business and checking if things were OK - really great experience....

IHG as a Spite member- their top tier - what a disappointment. One thing it seems that they are trying is upfront offering that 2pm check out but it was inconsistent and in 2 cases I got that 'how dare you'. Like Bonvoy, it appeared they had systems issues and the 4X promo they had was totally messed up. brightlybob did you check yours if correct? Emailed them and I have to wait 4 weeks not to reverse all and apply the correct amount. I love the 100% bonus points for Spire - wishing Bonvoy would be even Titanium and above! 

Hilton was OK - nothing WOW. I love how points post so easily and quickly but it seems they have a hard time really making Diamond members feel special. I wont be next year and have no interest in pursuing. I love their promos which are generous unlike Bonvoy.

So, with a competitive advantage of the 4pm check out, lounge access & free big break - Bonvoy win hands down. I used 2 of the 3 SNA and they were great - no problems. It does not mean the others were denied, it just means that throughout the year, Bonvoy upgraded me without a certificate in appreciation of my status. One Bonvoy property stands out - Four Points Soho Village in Manhattan - ALL staff were on point - great welcome, upgrade, pleasant, attentive and really overall great. communitymanagers please pass on my regards to the manager there for all the staff & especially Christopher for a great welcome and check in.

Onward to another year with Bonvoy and if only 2 wishes - make a decision about the Birthday Elite and stop confusing Elite member and please please brush up on your communication with members especially when you have systems issues- jump ahead of it and announce it - own it!

One more week to go but I wanted to get this out with some thoughts/feedback from others! cheers to a great 2020!