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Any advice on BRG

Question asked by philw on Dec 31, 2019
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my brg claims have just been denied but I don’t quite understand the logic.  I hope to get some advices from the experienced insiders.  I filed 2 claims on 2 diff stays (2 nights for each stay)  at 2 hotels located in the same city.  A correspondent from the brg team replied to me that she would evaluate my claim by putting together my 2 stays and view as a 4 night stay.  I am kind of confused but she quoted the Marriott terms :

Marriott will compare the total room cost of a stay, and multiple claims for a stay consisting of two or more nights in the same week at the same hotel or hotels in the same geographic location (e.g., city) may be treated as one claim for one stay at Marriott’s discretion, even if booked through more than one reservation.


So, is this the norm of how Marriott considering a brg claim?   Any advices of how to get around?  

many thx and happy new year!