Advance non-refundable booking issue...

Discussion created by aaronplatinum4life on Dec 29, 2019
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...over the past several years I have occasionally treated the cancel within 1 day advance booking option as similar to an airline ticket hold, especially if there is a meaningful difference in rates versus the standard rate or AAA if available.


Most properties wait until the 24 hours has past before posting the charge, or it shows up as pending in the Bonvoy card and then goes away if the booking is canceled.  Occasionally, it slips through and gets charged, but an e-mail or call to the property has always resulted in an immediate reverse of the charge.


Last week I used this option at an domestic FS Marriott property and then cancelled the booking within 1 day.  It hit my Bonvoy card and when I called the hotel, they told me it couldn't be reversed because it was non-refundable.  They even showed the booking as still being live, though I had a cancellation number and the cancellation e-mail says:


Member Rate Advance Purchase, prepay in full, non-refundable if cancelled more than 1 day after booking, see Rate details.


Using my nice but firm attitude that I employ for such circumstances, I was able to reach the Director of Hotel Operations.  I forwarded him the Cancellation e-mail with the above wording and he reversed the charge for me.  I'm now tempted to stop doing this because of the pain it seems to cause both me and the hotel.


Has anyone else experienced this problem before?