Terrible change for redemption night for friends

Discussion created by alexlihk on Dec 31, 2019

Just called service hotline and want to add my friend name for my redemption booking. A CS lady named Candy C. informed me that policy for redemption for friend was changed:

1. Booking must be reserved via calling service center.

2. Name must be indicated when Booking.

3. Booking can't be changed to friend if booking by app nor online. (Need cancel and rebook, if necessary)


Anyone knowing this terrible change? In general, I will make redemption booking via online at the prior a year as many big holiday not easy for redemption. Almost the last moment like now, I think I can't attend, I will free it to my relatives or friends and add his name by app chat. But tonight, it can't find app chat for my Fairfield booking and thus got this terrible message finally.


Now, communitymanagers would u mind to clarify:

1. Is this real?

2. If so, How can it be changed without clear announcement?

3. Is it changed with legal consultation? It is terrible to be limited the power of my "Marriott money".


I kept half million points for years and it used for "future booking" for my family and relatives. I have the right for freely change the guest as I want even at the last moment. This change made points to be rubbish for guest booking. Marriott needs to have a very big and bold announcement if it is cutting out our value to stay Marriott.


It likes stolen VIP money. Please clarify seriously.