Ideas re: favourite destinations & properties for getaway

Discussion created by hettyknits on Dec 23, 2019
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I'm looking for ideas for a getaway in March or April 2020. I don't want to wipe out all of my points, so I'm wondering if Insiders have any recent finds they'd recommend....places that surprised you with the value and opportunity to explore. We could do a city exploration, or a beach & relax destination. I am finicky about cleanliness and love a concierge lounge...plus easy access to downtown or the beach...really quite open other than these things!

Last year, we went to New Orleans and took in the Jazz Fest. It was terrific, especially for my jazz musician husband.Stayed at the Marriott on Canal St. ...super busy, but an excellent lounge and great location.

I travel all over North America for work, but this time would like to treat my husband to some time together... a rare treat for us!