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Anyone having Customer Service issues getting points applied for stays?  Trend?

Question asked by seandc on Dec 23, 2019

Hi all.  I'm life time gold elite.   I'm still loyal to Marriott (and SPG) after all these years, just don't travel like I used to.  However, I have been noticing a constant problem getting Marriott points applied for stays.  This seems to be more of the rule now a days vs an exception.   In particular, make a green choice and welcome points are missing most of the time even though I have confirmed them before check out.   I miss the days where the Marriott Folio listed the points and bonus for documentation and confirmation!    Never had issues with SPG and miss the program.  


Recently I had a stay in which welcome points and make a green choice points are missing.   The room was paid on the company master - which I actually contact and cut the check.   I get that my personal account does not get the points for the room as it is paid by the master.  However, I should be getting my elite welcome points and make a green choice for lack of cleaning for the week.   Customer service is refusing to fix.   Took two contact to get a response - I'm in month two.  I asked for a manger and escalation.   Many days later I get a call at 2:30AM from India.   I did not pick up as there was no caller ID, India and the middle of the night.    I received an email saying it was the customer service manager.   What manager in customer service cant understand time zones!! He asked me to call him in India - that's right make an international long distance call at my expense to resolve an issue with Marriott.  I will have to find time to try to resolve this again (major pain). 


As a previous posted mentioned, the old programs still gave you night credits for choosing the hotel too. 


Anyone else having these issues?  Both accurate accounting of points and horrible customer service.