Rude Staff, Dirty Rooms, and NO Response - please help!

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We are resorting to this thread and the communitymanagers for the opportunity to express our sincere displeasure and negative experience with our stay at the World Center Marriott in Orlando.  We have written to Marriott Complaints Department with no response for months.  Please help communitymanagers!
From rude staff at check-in, to our stay in the outdated, tired, dirty rooms, our vacation at the World Center Marriott left much to be desired and our family vacation in Orlando ended with a bad taste and negative feelings about the Marriott brand.
For many years, our family has had annual passes to Disney World, and with several visits a year, we stay on Disney property; however always find a few days during each trip to visit the World Center Marriott for the delicious breakfast buffet and views of the Hawks Landing course that my husband and late-Dad played many years back. This time, we decided to end our stay with Disney early and stay at the Marriott at the end of our trip to enjoy the memories we had there when my Dad used to join us before he passed away to cancer at the early age of 59.
One of the unforgettable experiences that I’d like to share with you that specifically left an extremely negative impression on my family begins with our check in.
We pulled into the Marriott at around 8:30am to check in, fully expecting our room to NOT yet be ready, and our family would just enjoy the property amenities until later when we’d be notified about check-in, but to my surprise, we were told our room WAS already cleaned and ready and it would only be a few minutes, and that we would get a call upon the room being ready. With that, my husband, me and my two young children parked our car in the garage, and waited a while by the car for the phone call as to not walk the long walk back to the lobby without bags only to have to go back when our room was ready; but we did not receive a call.
With that, we walked the long walk back to the lobby and waited in the lobby for the phone call, but when we didn’t hear anything for almost an hour we decided to go to breakfast while we waited.
After breakfast, we still had not received a phone call about our room, and not wanting to bother the front desk again, and having faith that we would indeed get a call about our room very soon, we sat about the lobby and patiently waited (which of course is harder by the minute with two young children). Of course, we would have just planned to relax by the pool by this point if we were told our room would not be ready for a while.
After another hour, I revisited the front desk to politely inquire as to the status of the room given I was told it was already ready, and one of the women behind the desk gave me a rude look and rolled her eyes in annoyance with me.
Another woman said she just called housekeeping and they informed her my room was ready and they would be calling me in a few minutes. I respectfully said “thank you” and rejoined my family in the corner of the lobby.
At about 1:30pm, after sitting and waiting for our room that was presented to us as “ready” about 5 hours earlier, We still had not received a call from the hotel about our room.
With that, I waited in line for the third time to politely approach the check-in counter to inquire as to the room status and was greeted with the same attitude and nasty look by the same woman who had acted rudely to me the last time. She then turned to the woman next to her and spoke in another language and they both looked back at me a gave me a very rude snarky and disrespectful look and another eye roll as they both snickered. This made me feel upset, unwelcome and it is not how I would expect to be treated upon checking into any Marriott hotel.
Another woman then told me that my room was ready a while ago and they should have called me. And then that comment was followed by another curt comment from the other woman as she said in a rude manner “it was only ready 5 minutes ago and you should just wait”.
As you can probably imagine, this was not a positive start to our stay at the World Center Marriott that we had made so many good family memories at in the past. Of course, we understand that early check-in is not guaranteed; however, when we were told around 8:30 am that our room was ready, we did not expect to have had such a negative experience waiting over five hours for our room while we waited in the lobby. If we were told our room wasn’t ready, we would have made plans for the entire morning/afternoon rather than wait in the lobby for so many hours.
When we finally entered our room, we were disappointed to find that room was very old, outdated and lacking cleanliness. There was dust an inch think on the ventilation unit, hair on the bathroom floor, mildew/water damage all over the bathroom door, dirt on the bathroom floor, mold in the shower, and no vent or fan in the bathroom for ventilation. Not what we expect from a Marriott hotel and very disappointing.
I’ve seen reviews where guests state the same issues with the rude staff and the cleanliness of the rooms- and management’s response about holding the hotel to the highest standards, and it being an “isolated incident”. It’s so unfortunate and so upsetting that we experienced the very same issues on our family vacation that we chose to spend with Marriott.
Despite our challenges and negative experience, we would like to give Marriott another try on our next trip to Florida. (and perhaps we need to choose another category Marriott in the future). Our family spends tens of thousands of dollars on vacations every year, and we’d like to include a Marriott during our next trip (perhaps the JW would be a better selection?)
To help us make the decision to come back to Marriott and leave Raving reviews about your hotels, we’d appreciate hearing from someone to rectify and make right our negative experience.  Rather than posting on a public facebook forum, we thought it would be best to come here to the insiders page and contact the community managers to help. 
We'd appreciate Marriott offering a credit of reward points towards free stays to make up for the unsatisfactory nights we spent at the World Center Marriott.  Please help as we have not received any response from Marriott in months. thank you,