Should points earned be on the final folio?

Discussion created by ozmodiar on Dec 18, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2019 by promenader

Given the number of ways you can earn points at a property, I think Marriott should institute a breakdown of points earned on the final bill at checkout. This would list the base points from room spend, and points from dining, etc., at the hotels that include that spend. Additional things such as welcome gift points, points from a hotel specific promotion, points from declining maid service, etc. should be specifically called out. This way any issues could be rectified before leaving the property, which I think in the long run would save Marriott time in terms of customer service calls and emails about missing points..


As it stands now, points posted in the activity section of the website don't break down the "extra points" in a way that lets us tell what is being included. Sometimes it is even hard to tell if extra points are from the hotel or from an ongoing corporate promotion. And if points from things like declining maid service are not awarded, getting that back is often not worth the effort.


I would think that bonus points based on elite status level and corporate level promotional points would not be included, but could be called out in the activity section.


Thoughts? Anyone know why this doesn't happen already?