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What other wonderful insider communities are out there for other programs?

Question asked by spglifeforlife on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2019 by painedplatinum

I've become a big fan of this insider community since I discovered it the last year or so.  I would love if there was something like this for Delta which is my airline of choice.  So I thought I'd ask and whilst I'm at it, what other insider communities are folks part of, that they'd recommend?  I particularly like Bonvoy insiders for the following reasons: 

1) It has a great proper sense of community (regulars, tipples etc)

2) It has some Marriott presence in the form of our wonderful community managers. 

3) Folks genuinely want to help each other out on here and make the best use of the site (There is no sympathy for one-off post-rant-and-go-ers - hey we could call these PRAGs going forward! ). 

4) The guidance, support and information received on here is invaluable. 


So which other programs have something similar?  Any pointers greatly appreciated as always!