Variable points pricing?

Discussion created by canadacollector on Dec 17, 2019

I know the peak/off peak points system is new and we don’t have all the answers.


but my understanding is it works like a variable room rate. More demand, price goes up, less demand price down. Which is fair enough, but it feels (looks) very arbitrary. Not one trip I’ve looked at doesn’t include at least 1(if not more) peak days vs regular days.


A good example is this trip (below) I’m looking at has 2 peak days in it. Which, on its own is fine, maybe they are in fact busier days. But the cash rate is constant on all 4 days which would mean they are not busier. If they were truly busy/peak days the cash rate should be priced peak for those two days as well?but they aren’t. Does this make sense or anybody figure the peak rate yet? Or is it still too new?