Bummer: NYC Renaissance 57 ... biting the dust?!?!?

Discussion created by ssindc on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by pat2927

Alas, just heard that one of our favorite, value-oriented, chic and stylish, Manhattan properties - one of those properties that Insiders seemed to know about and take advantage of - the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 - is no longer going to be available after January 21, 2020.  


That's what the (nice) staffer at the Titanium line just told me when I tried to book a room.


If you go to the site, and you try to book a room, the last available reservation is January 21....


Haven't seen anything about it in the media .... although there was some buzz in 2018 that it wasn't profitable.


Really a shame, because ... for a number of years ... there was serious construction/renovation going on ... although, during those periods rates were super cheap....