Favorite (Marriott Bonvoy Family) Hotel Name: Nominations Welcome! UPDATED

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What's your favorite - most exotic - most unique - coolest - memorable name of a Marriott Bonvoy Family property?


Update (12/18): After some initial responses (see below), it appears we probably need to sub-divide into categories.... (What other categories make sense?)


  • Happiest name: Bohemian Hotel Celebration

  • Historically Special: Vienna Renaissance Imperial Riding School (Vienna), The Mayflower (DC)

  • Longest name (nominations under 40 characters need not apply):

    • The Algonquin Resort St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, Autograph Collection
    • Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Beach Resort & Spa
    • Courtyard King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel
    • Clairification: Do the rules need to exclude brands (e.g., Marriott, Courtyard) or descriptions (Beach Resort & Spa, Beach Hotel)?  Note that the Presidential and Regal names, below, dispense with such window dressing!

  • Most Exotic: Ritz-Carlton Ras al Khaimah al Wadi Desert

  • Most Presidential: The President Wilson

  • Most Regal: (nah, c'mon, Most Palatial): Brown Palace (Denver), Al Bustan Palace (Muscat)

  • Most SportingHotel Football, Old Trafford (Manchester)


If you're just joining this discussion, in the spirit of full disclosure: I asked because painedplatinum noted that his favorite was the Vienna Renaissance Imperial Riding School (after I posted my review - here: Vienna Renaissance Imperial Riding School - Splendid Kahlenberg Hike! ) ... and I'll agree ... it's not bad...


I was guessing that folks like verysuiteboy and painedplatinum ... and others who have kept copious notes covering hundreds of properties ... would have some eye-catchers....


Here's my original short list - some of my favorites ... all of which I've stayed at:

  • In Kansas City ... Autograph ... The Ambassador
    • but, then pluto77 put me to shame with the Paris Marriott Opera Ambassador Hotel
  • In Denver ... Autograph ... The Brown Palace
  • In London* ... Renaissance ... sadly, this exquisite property is no longer in the stable ... The Chancery Court
  • In Las Vegas ... Autograph ... The Cosmopolitan
  • In Boston ... Vacation Club Pulse ... The Custom House
  • In Milan* ... Luxury Collection ... The Excelsior Gallia .... OK, here I'm cheating ... we stayed there on my honeymoon, long before that one was a Marriott property
  • In Rome ... Marriott ...The Grand Flora
  • In Houston ... Autograph ... The Icon
  • Outside of Barga (near Lucca) ... Renaissance ... (our family favorite) ... the Il (that Eye-el) Ciocco
  • Here in DC ... the classic (formerly Renaissance, now Autograph) ... The Mayflower
  • In Geneva ... the Luxury Collection ... The President Wilson


* Given how many excellent options there are, we may need excuses to eliminate certain properties.....


My short list also suggested that the Autograph Collection ... and the Renaissance are particularly creative when it comes to names...    But it increasingly looks like the Luxury Collection and the Ritz Carlton have some winners too.


And bejacob makes a good point: it increasingly looks like only luxury and premium brands are entitled to fancy names ... while economy brands are location (city/airport) dominated.  Can anyone identify an exception to this apparent rule?


What say you?  Nominations remain open!