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Have I been shorted on points?

Question asked by deedeeledee on Dec 17, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2019 by deedeeledee

Hi! I’m new here but have found Insiders to be so rich in resources and nuggets of wisdom!


Quick question: I don’t usually check on the points posted but a recent one-nighter made this pretty easy to catch - Paid 487k IDR for room (excluding taxes) and a quick currency conversion shows the USD equivalent to be 33+ with negligible difference over the same week (from day of check out to day points posted). Received only 202 base points


Screenshots of relevant figures attached. >>> 


This was in a stay in brand new Fairfield property in Bali, Indonesia. For comparison, I had a 10-night stay in June in another Fairfield property, also in Bali, just 3km away. Was awarded 10 points for each USD equivalent of qualifying charges so I figure I should be expecting the same?


Am I missing anything (since I’m fairly new to the programme) or have I indeed been shorted? And if so, is the best course of action to call my local toll-free hotline? Or to save myself the trouble since it’s not a tonne of points anyway? Or to first look through all my activities for other discrepancies that, consolidated, might be worthwhile to pursue?


Maybe I ought to start a spreadsheet to record past and future data, especially since I’m now back at said property for a 3-week stay. I will be sure to track this current stay. Any other advice or tips would be much appreciated! TIA!