Brochure VS Reality

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I booked a two night stay at Vistana Beach Club for one reason, I wanted to sit on the porch and enjoy the ocean.


The first picture was the room I thought I was booking, the second is what I got instead. 



what I got




I checked in late about 11pm,  I looked thru the glass door, but figure the darkness was just that  a dark night, the next morning when I realized my view was the foliage, I went to the front desk and was told, " we are completely sold out, no other rooms available. At that point I was locked in, if I leave I would loose my money.  I went to work on my return there was another lady at the front desk, so I ask her if there was any opening that she could move me to, my view is foliage and I thought the room I booked had ocean view.


At that point, I was informed/educated on how this particular property works, first of all it was a TimeShare.


They had an issue with elevators on the ocean side building earlier in the week, so most of the guest were moved to the other building, The elevator was fixed the day I arrived, and they are moving the timeshare owners back to the ocean view, so there was better rooms available but for timeshare owners.  


She asked my room number, checked and replied  "I see your elite member, but we do honor that", but I had booked at one of the other hotels, maybe I could have gotten a better view and I should thankful, I was looking at the foliage instead of the pool where my window would be.


I reach out to Marriott Customer Support who told me the hotel management would be reaching out via twitter, I waited a week, and then reach out to Customer Support  via webmail who again told me,  Hotel Management would be reaching out.