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Hotel took my 50K free night certificate without asking

Question asked by bjm on Dec 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2019 by bjm

I was staying at Moxy a few days ago with 30k point redemption.  The hotel made some mistake and cancelled my reservation after I checked in.  I received the cancellation, then a new reservation a few hours later.  I didn't pay much attention thinking it's just a system glitch.  Couple of days later, I noticed my 50K free night certificate which won't expire until Aug is gone.  I checked the new reservation email, and found it claimed the certificate without my knowledge.  The cancelled reservation did return my 30K, but it's 20K more the hotel was charging me because of their mistake.


Phone support said they can't do anything about past reservations, so I filled out online support form for further assistance.  It's been over 24 hours, and no emails whatsoever.  I left voice mail to the hotel billing department this morning regarding the matter.  They have not called me back yet.  It's frustrating and shocking that the hotel can just take my certificate without ever asking me.