"Guaranteed" Platinum/Titanium Arrival Gift???

Discussion created by jgarred on Dec 16, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by iahflyr

Marriott's website states quite clearly that Platinum/Titanium members receive a guaranteed check in bonus.  If the guarantee is not met, guest compensation applies.  In most instances, compensation is set at $100 USD.  In several instances, I was offered a choice of bonus points as a check in bonus, an option I almost universally take.  In these instances, I received my stay credit days after checkout and the bonus points were missing.


In each instance, calls to Bonvoy resulted in them adding the check in bonus points, but a refusal to provide the promised $100 compensation.  I've heard some pretty interesting excuses.  The best, from Le Meridian, Guam, is that the claim must be made before checkout or it is deemed waived.  Interesting, since you are unaware that the requested bonus was not given until the stay posts, days after checkout.  Most recent discussions with Bonvoy left me with this explanation.  If they credit you the check in points when you call, than they will not compensate you the promised $100.


So, Bonvoy would have to say, "No sir, we refuse to add the missing points, so we will be giving you $100 instead."  With this interpretation, the "guarantee" is ridiculous and should be removed from the website.  Elite Member Benefits Guarantee | Marriott Bonvoy