Nights posting to account - recent delays

Discussion created by sillyredn3k on Dec 15, 2019
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Hey everyone, hope you are doing well. I am one of the few folks who came out pretty much unscathed after the Marriott / SPG merger, I've honestly never had any issues with reservations, charges, points posting, etc. I travel for work and do about 80 nights a year, mostly booking direct and occasionally within a room block. 

For my last 3 stays I have noticed that none of them have posted within 10 days and have always had to do a missing stay request. Interestingly enough, within 48 hours of my submission the nights/points will show up in my account, and then I get an email from a rep saying that they have looked into my submission but that my points had already posted. Weird?


So should we just wait ~15 days?