Secondary Hotel Program

Discussion created by jhincle on Dec 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2019 by jere5iah

As I start to plan for 2020 travel, I’m trying to to decide if I should start diverting some stays to a different brand.  

‘This year I have about 140 nights and was able to hit ambassador status, but don’t see myself hitting the spend requirements next year. (This year, I had a lot of stays where I ate onsite and that got me to the 20K,  2020 I have a role change that will be more dinners out).  I should have at least as many nights in 2020. I want to get to titanium with Marriott mainly for the United benefit and I’m 3 years away from lifetime platinum. 


Any suggestions/success with other programs. I’ve been Diamond on Hilton before and wasn’t super impressed with benefits/upgrades due to the larger number of diamond elites due to the relatively low attainment level (30 stays). 


Hyatt seems intriguing due to the waived resort and parking fees, plus their suite awards seem much better. 


Thanks in advance for any insights.