How did you do on Points earning this year?

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As the travel year is coming to an end, I've totaled up my Points earnings this year. I decided to track all my travel earnings in a spreadsheet this year (hotel, airline & rental car) to make sure that I was receiving the earned points and also to give me the ability to project both status levels and points that we would have available to apply towards future personal travel.


  • For Marriott, I started the year off as Platinum, so I was able to maximize points earning throughout the entire year. If all goes well, I'll end the year as Ambassador.

  • Delta, I started the year off as Gold Medallion and only achieved Platinum status in October. This did hurt some of my Skymiles earning.

  • National Car Rental, I started the year off as Executive Elite (5 rental periods for 1 free day), so I was able to maximize my earnings there as well.


This was my busiest year of work travel in the last 6 years, and along with it, I also redeemed a lot of Bonvoy Points, Skymiles and Free rental car days on trips with my wife. I earn 'em, we burn 'em :-)


This year we flew to Charlotte for 12 days on points/miles/rental days, Phoenix for 7 days on points/miles/rental days and also took a couple of other weekend trips that were covered by points. We also "donated" some Bonvoy Points and SkyMiles to our kids this year.


We already have a head start on next year with:

- 7 nights in California in March: Bonvoy, SkyMiles and rental car days already redeemed
- 6 nights in Daytona, Florida in August - Bonvoy points redeemed, but this is a placeholder - the trip might not happen

- 5 nights in South Carolina in September: Bonvoy Points and Skymiles already redeemed

- 5 nights in North Carolina in October: Bonvoy points and Skymiles already redeemed


Yes, they are all once again trips to new NASCAR tracks for us, or in the case of Charlotte in October, a new race (The Roval race). This is in addition to our races that we'll drive our RV to - the EPIC double header weekend at Pocono Raceway in June, and the July race weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway - after 9 years our name finally made it off the waiting list for a prime RV spot overlooking the race track.


I hope that your earnings went well this year, and that you're finding a way to use them for great redemption's with family and friends!


Base Points198,671198,671*Note: $181 spend adjust no points awarded
Elite 75%149,003347,674
Welcome Gift35,525383,199Titanium Status Earnings Total
Green Choice17,750 
1,500 Pts Promo10,500 
9,000 For You9,000 
Unlock More2,000 
2x Points Promo45,546 
adjustments4,639121,435Promos, Bonuses & Adjustments Total
504,643504,643Year End Total Bonvoy Points


Marriott Nights (In Hotel)110
Elite Night Bonus (Promo)25
Total Elite Nights`135
Marriott Spend *estimated20,048.06

* One more trip on the books, estimating room and food charged to room


Delta Miles Flown84,419
Delta Skymiles Earned139,293
Delta Segments63
Delta Spend16,437
National Car Rental Instances74
National Car Rental Days148
National Free Days Earned15
National OneTwo Free Days Earned14


Points Spend - 2019 Trips


Points Spend - 2020 Trips385,000
Total 2019 Points Spend777,500


Bonvoy Points End of Year Balance109,343
Delta Skymiles End of Year Balance14,293
National Free Days End of Year Balance0
National OneTwo Free Days End of Year Balance8